High Quality Visual Effects

At Polymime we believe graphics convey meaning in a way words cannot. 3D animation is a valuable tool for making complex concepts accessible by making them visible, bringing new worlds to life. Our work helps others better understand new discoveries in the fields of science & technology. Our collaborative production process allows us to create content to suit a variety of applications. Click below to watch our animation showreel.


Intuitive Interactive Apps

Polymime can turn your digital asset information into unique interactive experiences, from stereo 360 virtual reality animations to interactive 3D web applications and more. We are focused on finding innovative solutions for communication challenges by utilising the latest techniques in cutting edge 3d technologies. Please see our WebGL rendering API and HTML5 demo apps on our projects page. Click below to see our interactive showreel.


Artistic Visual Storytelling

Polymime produces elegant illustrations & printed artworks. Our designs serve as centerpieces for a variety of visual communications, from educational books to large scale prints. Our compositions provide an effective means to communicate complex processes clearly and accurately while immersing audiences in vivid imagery. Please follow the link below to view a few examples of our featured illustrations.



Olaf’s role is to develop creative 3d works to best suit the client’s message, the audience and the medium. With such diverse communication tools as are available the task of Director and Producer are often melded together in this innovative role. Olaf’s skills for communicating concepts and ideas

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